Payments Page
1. The candidates who are making payment through Gateway/Challan are informed to
note that the amount once paid shall not be refunded under normal circumstances.
2. If they are genuine reasons,in making multiple payments,and if the candidate
requests through mail for pay-back,10% of the paid amount shall be retained and the balance amount shall be paid back
3. Before going to payments :-

	Please ensure that all your Regular / Supply registrations are completed.  
 	 (i)	Payment is the last step in registrations process.
	(ii)	Once you have enter to payment process, you are not allowed 
	        to modify / delete the registered subjects.
   (iii)	There is no separate payment for regular/supply. 
	(iv)	The Student has to do single payment for all registered subjects. 
	        The payment mode will be either Online Payment / Challan.
	 (v)	Please keep your payment receipts carefully.
4. For the Redressal of any Grievances please send an email to